Alan has been apart of the Australian music industry for 38 years.
He’s first ever gig was in 1981 in a band called Con-Fusion. Playing in a High School Hall on a music night, this turned into mayhem when they hit the stage. Blowing up amplifiers and half the bloody PA system! A good night had by all.
Things haven’t changed much since then (no more blowing up of equipment though) Ohh! Except for one gig in Guildford in 1996! DOH!
Alan has played 1000’s of shows to 1000’s of people over the years. One highlight playing to over 15000 people NYE 1997 in Darwin. And has worked with international acts as well as some of the best local talent around. And with radio and TV slots there isn’t much he hasn’t done.
For most of the early 1980’s Alan could be found playing in the well followed band, THE ACCOOSTIX. And when not performing, you could find him lugging PA’s for other artists and doing lights for bigger shows. Talk about learning the music industry!
The first recording Alan played on was in 1983. Two originals written by Alan. The song “All I Wanna Do”, received air play on 2JJJFm and MMMFm. Only twice on Triple M. lol
During the late 80’s & early 90’s the single PERPETUAL MOTION by MGR received some airplay on commercial radio. “I remember being in the Tarago on tour and coming into a country town and hearing our song on the radio” COOL!
The last recording MGR made didn’t make it to release. It was a song called “RAIN” You can listen to it in the music section of this site.
In the late 1990’s Alan started working in some cover bands /concept shows.
Australian Played.
Crawl File
Punked Out
GTS Duo / Pub Band
The Christina Parie Band

And all the time busy writing new material.
In 2011, Alan was asked to create a backing band for an up and coming new vocalist. She being Christina Parie from the Television show X-Factor. The band did some shows and recorded an awesome EP before she went on the show.
At the present time, Alan is working doing live shows and spending a lot of time in the recording studio. Working on Demo’s for a concept show, recording Demo’s for another up and coming young star! And recording some originals for the “Alan Harpley Project”
He is always working on some project.
Stay tuned for more info! 

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