Some of the Artistis Alan has worked with in some form or another over the years.

Con-Fusion, TNT, Girls From Oz, The A-Team,
The Accoostix, Rattling Sabres, The Shy Guys, N.Z. Show,
Moonshine, The Allniters, Cooee Goodtime Show, Rock Filez,
Silent Types, Cavemen, Suga Katz, Cotton,Keays & Morris, Bat out of Hell,
Finger Guns, Jump Back Jack, Sunsetz, Johnny Young,
Mick Fleetwood, Double Dealer, Astro Girls, The Drifters,
The Church, Vantage Point, Seattle Sound, Kamahl,
Bay City Rollers, Sunnyboys, Fabulous Badwigs, Judy Stone,
The Models, Public Enemy, Barnstormin’, Old 55,
The Choirboys, Jamaine Jackson, Midnight Oil Show, Billy Washington,
The Radiators, Rose Tattoo, Jailbreak, GTS,
The Young Cynics, Naughty But Nice, Broadway to Hollywood, Teri Hughes,
Prestige Fix, Fire Birds, Lonie Lee, The Kami’s,
Frog & The Amphibians, Stevie Wright, Roland Storm, SkyLark,
The Coggs, Bottoms Up, Dusty Springfield Show, REVAMP,
Sunday Punch, Bandanna, Tonight’s the Night, Mental as Anything, Richard Clapton , Elton Jack,
Merry-Go-Rythms, D-Luxe & The Rhythm, Glenn Shorrock, QED,
Jeremy Oxley, Club Head Speed, Steven Fisher-King, Replika,
Access, Sinners Prayer, Scotland the Brave, Punked Out,
Labredogs, Australian Played, Nite Sounds, Cristina Parie,
Tall Tales & True, Billy Joel show,
Wild Katz, 4-Way Street, Something Completely Different, The Pub Band,
Laugh in the Dark, No Exit, Young Stars of Country,
John Justin, Crawl File, 20th Century Cabaret Show,
Swingshift, Village Idiots, Frances Yip,
Factory Ratz, Police Show, Johnny O’Keefe Show,
Redgum, Homegrown, Sth American Spectacular,
The Insomniacs, Le Club Nerd, Carlotta,
Southbound Train, The Anthill Mob, Al James. Neil Diamond, Show
Imaginary Boys, INXSIVE, Hero’s from Heaven,
Spank you vary much, One Hit Wonders, Italy Down Under,
Who Cares?, Accountants With Attitude, The Dancing Queens,
Avion, Party Vibe, Latin Explosion,
Chain, Hokio, Manila by Night,

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